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Congratulations with President Barack Obama: change will come!

A short post to congratulate everybody in the USA with your new President-elect Barack Obama. I think it’s no exaggeration that the rest of the world is cheering you on. Even though — as John Scalzi carefully observes — he is no superman, but a human being who will make mistakes, this is a historical moment, and marks the beginning of change in the USA.


I will be getting out some very serious posts about change and the near future soon — hopefully over the weekend — but in the meantime I feel compelled to say that I was going to do SHINE irrespective of who won the US elections. That’s why I did the announcement just before I went to World Fantasy in Calgary (I got the contract a week before, but was in Spain at that moment).

Some people will still say that I’m trying to ride Obama’s coattails, and I am very happy that he’s elected. So I certainly don’t mind that SHINE rides somewhat in Obama’s slipstream (figuratively speaking), but I was going to do this nevertheless. I don’t mind going against the grain, and as Jason Stoddard notes: I’m already doing ‘two kinds of impossible’, so I would have taken on a third kind, as well.

And while I’ve got a lot of work to do for SHINE, it dwarfs, nay moleculises, in comparison with what Barack Obama and his new cabinet is awaiting. I wish them strength, wisdom, and fortitude. And lost of good luck, as well.

UPDATE (via BoingBoing): Holy cow, Obama and his team are certainly not sitting back: today they started a new website: is “a website launched by the Obama team’s Presidential Transition Project which documents the transition into power and solicits ideas from the public.” The speed with which they did this is indeed amazing: this is putting your money where your mouth is. And talk about ‘open platform’: compared to this my little site is a nanotable. But it does give me the feeling I’m doing something right.

UPDATE 2 (via 42 Blips): Ken at Neth Space wonders “What will hope do for Science Fiction“. We at SHINE are trying to do our little contribution to change SF towards a more positive and pro-active attitude. Let’s keep the discussion going!


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