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Archive for November 10, 2008

Music that makes you feel optimistic, part 1

This is not as easy as it sounds when you, like me, are a metalhead. Heavy Metal and horrific gloom go together like, well, bacon & eggs. Or to quote the Peaceville sampler I got free with my latest Aardschok (Dutch heavy metal magazine) issue: “21 years of Doom, Death & Darkness”.

It’s almost the polar opposite of what I’m trying to do with SHINE. Nevertheless, not all hardrock and heavy metal is immensely downbeat (and yes, I do love me some gloomy metal, too: last Friday I went to Slayer — not exactly messengers of the optimistic — and greatly enjoyed it).

So here is some music that makes me feel better, that can lift me up from a downbeat mood. Actually, much more than I can mention in a single post, so like ‘The Grapevine’, I’m making a series of it.

Today’s examples come from a 7-pack of discs (I have a CD-player that can hold up to 7 CDs) that I’ve been playing when writing two of my last short stories. Four of those don’t qualify as upbeat, but three do (or at least qualify partly):


The Grapevine, part 2

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