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Archive for November 12, 2008

Kindred Spirits, part 1

In this post (and I sure hope there will be more, hence the ‘part 1’ addendum) I will be mentioning recent(*) publications that are also about change in the near future, are optimistic or have a positive attitude, or feature relevant SF, or — ideally — all of them.

I have two recent examples:


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The Grapevine, part 3

Yesterday, I thought that both the frequency and the content in upcoming grapevines would slowly diminish, but only the latter might be true, as exciting things keep happening. In this grapevine, I am happy to report that I have been interviewed about SHINE:

That’s one interview — and in Italian, at that — but there are two more upcoming: one in English, and one in French. Stay tuned!

More links from tah interwebs:

  • SHINE has been listed on Duotrope;
  • Yukon Science Fiction writer Jerome Stueart is getting into the optimistic groove, promoting a positive radio series, mentioning a column on Fantasy Magazine asking for scientist heroes (am I the only one who sees the irony here…;-), and shortly mentioning SHINE (bottom of the post);
  • Maree from New Zealand of ‘Just Add Books‘ realises SHINE isn’t out yet — it’s slated for late a 2009, early 2010 release — but she already wants it: Wednesday Wants!!!! Gotta love (future) readers like her, and thanks!

Finally, there’s something really crazy brewing: there’s a fifty/fifty chance it might happen, and if it does, you’ll read it here first (although you might hear about it someplace else).