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The Grapevine, part 3

Yesterday, I thought that both the frequency and the content in upcoming grapevines would slowly diminish, but only the latter might be true, as exciting things keep happening. In this grapevine, I am happy to report that I have been interviewed about SHINE:

That’s one interview — and in Italian, at that — but there are two more upcoming: one in English, and one in French. Stay tuned!

More links from tah interwebs:

  • SHINE has been listed on Duotrope;
  • Yukon Science Fiction writer Jerome Stueart is getting into the optimistic groove, promoting a positive radio series, mentioning a column on Fantasy Magazine asking for scientist heroes (am I the only one who sees the irony here…;-), and shortly mentioning SHINE (bottom of the post);
  • Maree from New Zealand of ‘Just Add Books‘ realises SHINE isn’t out yet — it’s slated for late a 2009, early 2010 release — but she already wants it: Wednesday Wants!!!! Gotta love (future) readers like her, and thanks!

Finally, there’s something really crazy brewing: there’s a fifty/fifty chance it might happen, and if it does, you’ll read it here first (although you might hear about it someplace else).


  Eva Maria Chapman wrote @

So pleased you are in the world Jetse. I love your positive vision. I’m not even an SF writer but feel inspired to enter your competition! It is lovely to imagine loads of writers out there getting their positive vision caps on and shining a light into the future. I love the pictures on your website.

  shineanthology wrote @

Many thanks, Eva!

I’m just trying to do my best to inspire people. Expect some more crazy things next year.

I took a quick look at your website, and your life story is certainly intriguing. Do try me, if you feel so inspired, in May or June: I’d rather read a hundred story more than miss just one that would work fine.

The worst thing that can happen is a friendly rejection slip.

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