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Archive for November 14, 2008

There are more than one of us…

shine-the-movie1So, in the interest of disambiguation, I’ve added a note at the top of column 4, explaining that this is the site of the badass SF anthology for the good, and that others are, for example:

  • The Shine Journal: a webzine of flash literature, poetry, art & photography;shine-latrobe1
  • The Shine anthology: a showcase of student writing from LaTrobe Secondary College, published in 2004 (indeed, I did run across this — freely available — anthology when I checked the internet if there weren’t any other *SF* anthologies or magazines called ‘Shine’. I decided that the difference was very obvious);
  • Shine the yahoo lifestyle magazine: it’s about almost everything except science fiction. OK, if you search it for ‘science fiction’, you get exactly three hits among the kazillions of articles;
  • Shine the movie: I am very well aware of this one, as my sister — who lives in Melbourne — took me to that very movie when it came out. I love it: superb performance by Geoffrey Rush (and so quintessentially different from what I’m doing that I didn’t worry about the name sharing: rather the contrary);
  • LG’s Shine mobile phone: sold a measly 5 million or so. Kidding aside (I certainly won’t complain if my SHINE sells 1% of that number), there are so many products either called ‘shine’, or referring to ‘shine’ that I only focussed on the combination ‘shine’ and ‘science fiction’.

lg_shine_imgp0493_resize1Therefore, if somebody knows of a ‘shine’ anthology, magazine or website that is also strongly involved with science fiction, then don’t hesitate to inform me.