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The Grapevine, part 4

And yes, another interview:

In my continuing quest for world media saturation the SHINE anthology now has pages and networks in the following places:

(I’ve made personal pages on FaceBook and MySpace as well, but won’t bother you with them. Yet.)

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And the sekrit, mad project? Sorry to taunt you, dear reader, but watch this space (and get a drink in the meantime)…


  SpaceElevatorGuy (Michael Laine) wrote @

Hi, i just saw your site, and was very pleased and honored that you think our project – liftport, the space elevator companies – fits your requirments for :Near Future, Science, Change, and Optimistic!

Thanks for the support!

The Elevator to Space takes one thing not on your list, though – Courage. I like that your anthology will promote this sort of positive vision of the future. It is easy to end a story with “bang, they dropped the bomb and everybody dies”. It is much harder to write one that ends “and they lived happily every after.”

Thanks. Take care. mjl

  shineanthology wrote @

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the pingback and the vote of support.

Re. courage: you’re right, maybe I should mention that more clearly. For most SF writers writing about the near future is already a huge challenge, then writing optimistic SF is a similarly huge challenge (it’s like trying two impossible things at the same time, as Jason Stoddard noted), so I figured that it takes courage to take this on was, well, almost automatically implied.

And it certainly bears repeating that (fictional) characters that take on huge challenges need courage. Lots of it.

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