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Good news from around the globe, part 1

Just to show that — despite ongoing wars and fights in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Congo and street protests in Athens, the credit crisis and more — there are also positive developments in this beautiful world of ours, and these are mostly underreported:


First, good news for biodiversity: treasure trove of new species found in the Mekong Delta (CNN).


The preliminary work on the space elevator moves onwards: recent conventions in the USA, Japan and the Benelux, with the latest progress report on the tether (and its possible material) just out.


Also, in the real world, President-elect Barack Obama appoints Nobel Laureate Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, and calls — on a press conference last Monday (December 16) — green energy a ‘national mission’.

Steven is uniquely suited to be our next secretary of energy as we make this pursuit a guiding purpose of the Department of Energy, as well as a national mission.

Then there’s Free Press releasing broadband stimulus proposals, designed to turn around the economy, also endorsed by Marty Kaplan on the Huffington Post.


  Allen Taylor wrote @

Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Allen Taylor

  gillian wrote @

Things are very difficult in Athens at this moment. After a policeman killed a 15 year-old boy – apparently , it was an accident – there was a fiery reaction resulting in massive riots, burning of shops in the central and most commercial part of the town and an ongoing folly which does not seem to settle down. What happens in this beautiful city right now quite resembles a SF dystopia coming true and Christmas will be rather sad in Athens.
In all this, there is a positive thing, though. Some kids aged between 15 and 17 , keep their own web site. They follow the actuality, they give their own comments and they try to encourage each other and find ways to keep some hope for a more positive future. Their comments are moving and their points of view are wonderful. Greek journalists and politicians should take more example on these wonderful young people.

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