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The Week in Tweet, Week 4

The whole week 3 of Outshine in one single post:

Monday January 19:

Quote for the Monday: “Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance.”

Source:  Marshall McLuhan (1911 – 1980), Canadian sociologist.

Ed: Outshine slush stats: 26 subs in week 3; 15 by men, 10 by women, 1 unknown. 2 acceptances. Tip: am in dire need of humourous pieces!

Wednesday January 21:

My daughter’s new blood/Sings with her during bath thime. Both are beautiful.

Bio: Adam Rakunas will take the Twitter Future over a jetpack. He lives in California with his wife and bicycle. Follow him @rakdaddy

Friday January 23:

Quote for the Friday: “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

Source: Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)/U.S. president.

Saturday January 24:

At 101, I’d just begun/ though life grew sadder and sadder/ At 109, I feel just fine/ with my new electronic bladder!

Bio: Tony Noland writes fiction and non-fiction in Philadelphia. He’s a lot funnier in person. His blog, such as it is:

I am in the process of approaching people to do tweet reviews on the Tuesday and Thursday. More on that if and when I get confirmations.

That leaves the Sunday slot still open (ideally, I intend to publish something every day on Outshine ). Any suggestions? For one, I am thinking out loud about an ongoing series of life in a brighter future — the antidote to the #futureJer posts on @thaumatrope which hail about an future gone to the dogs — and call it #fuje (#futureJet or #futureJets are too long for my liking, and ‘fuje’ has a nice ring, an exotic vibe to it).

However, I’m open to suggestions: post them in the comments or email me at .

The week in tweet: week 3

The whole first week of Outshine republished here!

Tuesday January 13:

Editor note: Outshine slush stats: 48 subs in week 2; 24 by men, 24 by women, 1 unknown (one was a collab). 6 acceptances. Keep them coming!

Quote for the Monday: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Source: Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC)/Chinese philosopher, administrator, and moralist/Analects.

Wednesday January 14:

The man-made clouds slowly swirled, then parted to reveal a newly created sun.

Bio: Sherene Khaw: Canadian writer and reader who huddles in the cold winter with her books and computer.

Friday January 16:

Quote for the Friday: “Humor is laughing at what you haven’t got when you ought to have it.”

Source: Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967)/U.S. novelist, playwright, and short-story writer/The Book of Negro Humor.

Sunday January 18:

The robots won/Our graves were dug/But yesterday/I found the plug.

Bio: Amanda Davis lives in Pittsburgh despite the zombie threat. She blogs about media, her breakfast, and weird news at

Some of you may have noticed that both the Monday quote and the Saturday prose poem were a day late: my apologies. I’m getting a number of things set up, and hope to have certain people do tweet reviews on the Tuesday and Thursday. Watch this space!

Also, while I am well-stocked on the more serious pieces for the Wednesday, I am in dire need of more humourous pieces. So if you want to increase your chances of acceptance, do try me with funny pieces!

Good news from around the globe, part 2

And while the credit crisis deepens, fights flare up in Gaza, Russia closes its gas supplies to Ukraine (and a large part of Europe), and oil company workers strike in India, we continue looking at the bright side of life. Yet, for every action there’s a reaction (well, at least in physics…;-):


  • Obama plans to invest in broadband to put America back to work (as originally brought to my attention via the FreePress Twitter);
  • Sales of fuel-efficient, low CO2-emitting cars are skyrocketing in The Netherlands (article is in Dutch, and I don’t have the time to translate it: suffice it to say that cars like the Peugeot 107, the Citroën C1, the Toyota Aygo and the Toyota Prius are selling so fast that delivery times have gone up to ten weeks for an Aygo, and five months for a 107. This is partly — probably mostly — due to fiscal stimulation from the government. Typically, since all these models are *very* similar to each other, they’re all made in the Toyota factory in the Czech Republic: that car factory is one of the very few that is producing at full throttle at the moment. Hence, fiscal stimulation packages of a government — like the German policy with renewable energy — for more environmentally friendly products can be very successful, indeed!);
  • Not only in Europe: an electric car is touring India;
  • Without government stimulation in Japan: Japanese geothermal projects to pick up after 20 years;
  • Scientific research — in this case neuroscience — keeps marching forward: here it discovers ‘blindsight’ in a blind man;

GeothermalTherefore, gas shortages in Europe and oil shortages in India may very well accelerate the introduction of more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. The credit crisis may help the upcoming US government focus on sustainable job developments. The only thing keeps me seething with frustration is the ongoing Israel/Palestina conflict: somebody who can come up with a humanitarian and long-lasting solution for that not only deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but should have that price named after her/him.

The Grapevine, part 6

OK: a few — hopefully exciting — developments:

  • As some of you already noted: I’ve started a Twitterzine called Outshine. Submissions are trickling in slowly, and I’m waiting for word-of-mouth (via Twitter & FaceBook) to do its work. Tentative launch of first prose poem: next week (January 14);
  • Gord Sellar has noticed Outshine (and Thaumatrope, who were first, see also Nathan Lilly’s comment on the Outshine guidelines);
  • Rajan Khanna mentions it at (and sees through my ruse that it’s also a promotional tool for Shine…;-);
  • (UPDATE 1): Script Diddy picks the Outshine news up via;
  • (UPDATE 2): Matthew Sanborn Smith mentions Outshine on his The One-Thousand blog (and the comment on the post had me laughing out loud: Maybe I should add a category of ‘optimistic flash’?…;-);
  • (UPDATE 3): the ever-vigilant, and soon 100% freelance, Paul Raven picked it up — also via — on Futurismic, although his remark that $5 per 140 characters is ‘bloody close’ to SFWA rates is wrong: it’s over SFWA rates, closer to 5 cents per letter. However, Outshine will never be an SFWA qualifying market, as they wisely put a minimum pay of $50 in their conditions (unless I become a millionaire overnight);
  • (UPDATE 4): and 42 Blips took the post from Futurismic to their site (and yeah, it’s quite interesting to see how word-of-mouth develops in the electronic frontier);
  • (UPDATE 5): Kate Eltham mentiones it on Electric Alphabet;
  • (UPDATE 6): and 42 Blips linked the post from to their site;
  • Last, but certainly not least, the first installment of a podcast feature on StarShip Sofa (I’ve) called Blinded by the Light has gone up last December 31, as a part of Aural Delights #57 (NOTE: big mp3 file). In this, I will keep an account (it’s planned to be a monthly feature) of how the editing — and promoting — of my first professional anthology goes. The long think beforehand, the somewhat restrained beginning, the ups, the downs, the madness, the glory, the failure, the heartache, the sheer joy. Check it out.

And there’s more to come. Watch this space, or run away…;-)