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The Grapevine, part 6

OK: a few — hopefully exciting — developments:

  • As some of you already noted: I’ve started a Twitterzine called Outshine. Submissions are trickling in slowly, and I’m waiting for word-of-mouth (via Twitter & FaceBook) to do its work. Tentative launch of first prose poem: next week (January 14);
  • Gord Sellar has noticed Outshine (and Thaumatrope, who were first, see also Nathan Lilly’s comment on the Outshine guidelines);
  • Rajan Khanna mentions it at (and sees through my ruse that it’s also a promotional tool for Shine…;-);
  • (UPDATE 1): Script Diddy picks the Outshine news up via;
  • (UPDATE 2): Matthew Sanborn Smith mentions Outshine on his The One-Thousand blog (and the comment on the post had me laughing out loud: Maybe I should add a category of ‘optimistic flash’?…;-);
  • (UPDATE 3): the ever-vigilant, and soon 100% freelance, Paul Raven picked it up — also via — on Futurismic, although his remark that $5 per 140 characters is ‘bloody close’ to SFWA rates is wrong: it’s over SFWA rates, closer to 5 cents per letter. However, Outshine will never be an SFWA qualifying market, as they wisely put a minimum pay of $50 in their conditions (unless I become a millionaire overnight);
  • (UPDATE 4): and 42 Blips took the post from Futurismic to their site (and yeah, it’s quite interesting to see how word-of-mouth develops in the electronic frontier);
  • (UPDATE 5): Kate Eltham mentiones it on Electric Alphabet;
  • (UPDATE 6): and 42 Blips linked the post from to their site;
  • Last, but certainly not least, the first installment of a podcast feature on StarShip Sofa (I’ve) called Blinded by the Light has gone up last December 31, as a part of Aural Delights #57 (NOTE: big mp3 file). In this, I will keep an account (it’s planned to be a monthly feature) of how the editing — and promoting — of my first professional anthology goes. The long think beforehand, the somewhat restrained beginning, the ups, the downs, the madness, the glory, the failure, the heartache, the sheer joy. Check it out.

And there’s more to come. Watch this space, or run away…;-)


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