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The Week in Tweet, Week 9

Where @outshine tweets to the beat:

Monday February 23:

[Quote for the Monday] “Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped.”

[Source] Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933)/U.S. president/Speech, Boston, Massachusetts.

[Ed] Outshine slush stats: 40 subs in week 8; 19 by men, 21 by women. 3 acceptances. Thanks for sending me funny ones: keep them coming!

Tuesday February 24:

Stop the press – heavy metal songcraft found alive and well! No gimmicks, solid songs and meticulous detail; modern thrash done properly.

[#SoundBytes] Earthsblood by God Forbid –… Media Records –

Wednesday February 25:

The sun went black about two years back and we all figured it was over. Then the babies started getting born with sunlight in their eyes.

[Bio] Filamena Young, writer, mother, not on fire.

Thursday February 26:

A doppleganger Mom I’d Love to Flee makes tweenager Dakota Fanning squeal for real in this creepy, almost-as-good-as-Lewis-Carroll tale.

[#Spitballs] Coraline/Directed by Henry Selick/ .

Friday February 27:

[Quote for the Friday] “Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.”

[Source] James Thurber (1894 – 1961)/U.S. writer, cartoonist, and humorist/The New York Post.

Saturday February 28:

I´ve got you under my skin, said the blues singer. And the nanochip that watched over her replied: here´s looking at you, kid.

[Bio] Fabio Fernandes is a writer, reviewer, and editor. Keeps the blog Post-Weird Thoughts ( Just sold his first story.

Sunday March 1:

Event exhaustion on all sides? A Dark Reign keystone, this oversized issue is mostly dull Bendis-chatter interrupted by a boring battle.

[#ShineComics] NEW AVENGERS #50, by Brian Michael Bendis, Billy Tan and sundry artists. Marvel Comics 2009, $4.99.

See you later!

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