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The Grapevine, part 7

As with other posts, I have gotten quite a bit behind. So some things mentioned here are already (relatively) old news, but for the sake of clarity, here we go:

First of all, Solaris Books has been put up for sale. Mentioned — among many others — on, SF Scope, A Dribble of Ink and Locus online (and thanks to David Anthony Durham for mental support).

Official press release via SF Scope (again) or via Jacques Barcia.

To the best of my knowledge, Mark Chadbourn mentioned it first on the internet. Christian Dunn (Solaris Books acquisition editor) told me that with regards to the Shine anthology, things are still ‘business as usual’. So I’m going ahead with it as planned.

I hope to see Christian (and George Mann and Mark Newton) at EasterCon, so more news if and when I get it.

Other talk on teh intarwebs:

And more when I get it!

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