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The Week in Tweet, Week 11

Where @outshine falters a bit:

Monday March 9:

[Quote for the Monday] “If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true there would be little hope of advance.”

[Source] Orville Wright (1871 – 1848)/American inventor and aviation pioneer.

[Ed] Outshine slush stats: 28 subs in week 10; 14 by men, 14 by women. 2 acceptances. Humour slot filling up nice, prose poems needed!

Tuesday March 10:

Jazz drums, poppy vocal melodies, layers of post-rock sonic texture, immigrant culture, neuroscience. Love or hate; indifference impossible.

[#SoundBytes] Sholi by SHOLI – Touch & Go Records – ./

Wednesday March 11:

She dissipated the past. Footsteps walking reclaimed beaches. Grinned as seagulls abandoned all worship of trash to instead hunt fish.

[Bio] Jason Sanford writes SF/F. His fiction and essays can be found at .

Thursday March 12:

Genetically inappropriate lovers bring new meaning to “it hurts so good” in this noir-ish romance, one of the best recent scifi films.

[#Spitballs] Code 46/Directed by Michael Winterbottom/ .

Saturday March 14:


“—over there!” He said, “Don’t believe me?

I’ll prove it the teleporter works.

Look for me—”

[Bio] Greg Beatty ( lives in Washington with his wife Kathy, where the biggest challenge is staying dry.

Sunday March 15:

So far the best of Marvel’s pulp-universe “Noir” minis, with atmospheric art and a grim, clever story that smartly redefines the characters.

[#ShineComics] X-MEN NOIR (four issues), script by Fred Van Lente, art by Dennis Calero; Marvel comics, 2009, $3.99 each.


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[…] The Underwire placed an observative post today on The Week in Tweet, Week 11Here’s a quick excerpt[#ShineComics] X-MEN NOIR (four issues), script by Fred Van Lente, art by Dennis Calero; Marvel comics, 2009, $3.99 each. […]

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