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The Week in Tweet, Week 13

Before we go to the next week of Twitstream, first a review with compliments from Twiction.

While Outshines focus is narrow, it is nonetheless one of the great literary joys of Twitter, a rare spot of thoughtfulness that I look forward to each week. In an ideal world, I’d like to see a more frequent publishing scheme. With more support and time, perhaps in the future.

A great start of the week!

Monday March 23:

[Quote for the Monday] “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

[Source] Roy Amara/Leader at the Institute for the Future/A think tank.

[Ed] Submissions statistics, week 12: 18 submissions, 13 from males, 5 from females. 1 acceptance.

Tuesday March 24:

Pop hooks, harmonised vox, synths and guitars, soppy lyrics, maddeningly catchy – this is Prog2.0, and you may love it in spite of yourself.

[#SoundBytes] AMOR VINCIT OMNIA by Pure Reason Revolution: / Superball Music: .

Wednesday March 25:

He opened his onyx eyes, and I knew I would fight every xenophobe on Earth for the joy of holding my hybrid alien son.

[Bio] Amanda Davis sings along with the radio even when she doesn’t know the words. She blogs at .

Thursday March 26:

If you see one Amityville Horror rip-off this year, it might as well be this. Loved the kid ralphing the endless twisty mushroom thingey.

[#Spitballs] The Haunting in Connecticut/Directed by Peter Cornwell/ .

Friday March 27:

[Quote for the Friday] “A novel is a forest, but the short story is a seed. It is more atomic. The atom may contain the secret structures of the universe.”

[Source] Ben Okri (1959 – ) / Nigerian novelist, short-story writer, and poet, 1992.

Saturday March 28:

Chimay beer sales are on the rise

As drinkers get more eloquent and wise

Trappist monks feign surprise

With an enigmatic glint in their eyes

[Bio] Eva Chapman. UK. Aspiring Boho & rock chick, optimistic re future; writes about that and healing the past; check me out @evitchka .

Sunday March 29:

Neopolis’ finest find themselves with new management and major new troubles in an engaging second season of super-powered police work.

[#ShineComics] Top 10: Season 2, #1-#4 by Zander Cannon (script) and Gene Ha (art); America’s Best Comics, 2009, $3.99 each.


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