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Good news from around the globe, part 5 (local version)

Typically, I got some very good local news a few weeks ago:


  • My home town of Den Bosch is going to ‘give priority to electric transport‘. Even if the beginning is modest: only three electric-driven busses and four electric share-a-ride cars from the company Greenwheels,  the intention is to have at least fifty electric public transport cars in the inner city by July 2010. The city of Den Bosch and the province of Noord-Brabant are each investing a million euros in the project. They have the ambition to have at least 200,000 electric cars riding in the province of Noord-Brabant by 2020;
  • The city of Amsterdam has similar ideas: the plan ‘Amsterdam Electrical’ states the intention to have *all* motorised vehicles driven by electricity. That means about 200,000 vehicles. The first step is to provide 200 charging points before 2012. Other steps include lower parking rates and special parking spots for electric cars. The city also wants to make the purchase price of electric cars ‘financially interesting’. Also the tour boats of the canals will be driven ellectrically in the future.
  • Algae as Holy Grail: Dutch company Ingrepo is a front-runner in the very broad application of algae as a solution to several problems. CEO Carel Callenbach is — as the article has it — not an environmental activist, nor a biologist, but an entrepreneur who sees golden opportunities in the green micro-organisms.


Especially when looking at the potential of algae, this might be one of those companies to invest in: high risk, obviously, but also a good chance of great returns. Or: ethical invenstments, continued.

UPDATE: Typically, a few days later the San Diego News Network posts an article about algae as biofuels, and there’s Scientific American wondering: “Is Algae the Biofuel of the Future?” Well, some people (apart from Ingrepo: Sapphire Energy, HR BioPetroleum, San Diego’s Regional Algae Initiative and Kai Bio Energy [where’s the website?] are banking on it.



  gillian wrote @

Robots and virtual reality used to help autistic children:

Green,furry robot /to ease anxieties of sick children in Belgian Clinic

Robots are more and more used to help – or treat – sick children. Now, what can be more positive than helping a child?

[…] an article about positive developments in the world (I’ve already posted plenty of those). Here’s one development that particularly caught my attention, because it is a solution […]

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