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The Week in Tweet, Week 20

Take the time and choose the road you want, @outshine is yours:

Monday May 11:

[Quote for the Monday] I am not an optimist but a meliorist.

[Source] George Eliot (1819 – 1880) / British novelist.

Tuesday May 12:

WhiteReissued career retrospective of Kurt Cobain’s favourite band; material sounds somewhat dated now, but that just highlights their influence.

[#SoundBytes] Enter The Vaselines by The Vaselines – / Sub Pop Records – .

Wednesday May 13:

The enzymes dissolve the bark of my memories. I marvel at the clean, pale wood of my mind. I am born again.

[Bio] Deborah Walker can often be found in the British Museum, nicking ideas from ancient cultures.

Thursday May 14:

Better FX and acting, but the same stupid ideas—that these dopey characters live on and on while generations wither and die seems appalling.

[#Spitballs] Star Trek / Directed by J.J. Abrams / .

Friday May 15:

[Quote for the Friday]When we stop hoping, that which we fear will certainly come.”

[Source] Christa Wolf (1929 – ) / German writer / No Place on Earth.

Saturday May 16:

Gloria painted the space ark purple, hung dice below the mirror. We watched the world old fall away. That’s some sick transit, Gloria Mundy.

[Bio] Grant Stone lives in New Zealand. Which is handy, since that’s where all his stuff is. .

Sunday May 17:

A brutal, sarcastic take on the problems that come with superheroes reaches a crux with an epilogue that’s as much a cruel prologue.

[#ShineComics] THE BOYS #30, by Garth Ennis (script) and Darick Robertson (art); Dynamite, 2009, $2.99 .


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