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Archive for June 6, 2009

The Week in Tweet, Week 21

Doing anything to roll the dice, @outshine is here one more time:

Monday May 18:

[Quote for the Monday] The ultimate risk is not taking a risk.

[Source] James Goldsmith (1933 – 1997) / French-born British businessman and politician / Independent. 


Tuesday May 19:

It takes a lot of confidence and money for a young unsigned band to release a full album. That doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea, though.

[#SoundBytes] Neon Wasteland by Serpico / WeSaySo Records .

Wednesday May 20:

I emancipated my robot when she told an elaborate lie. I realized then, that she’d developed a minds eye.

[Bio] Ken Edgett is a Mars geologist and author. See: .

Thursday May 21:

The Illuminati’s out to kick Vatican ass and only Forrest Gump can stop them. Take a drunk to see this—encourage him to make rude noises.

[#Spitballs] Angels and Demons / directed by Ron Howard / .

Friday May 22:

[Quote for the Friday]The morning of hope wipes out the darkness of despair, now is the long-awaited daybreak.”

[Source] Ahmad Shawqi (1868 – 1932) / Egyptian poet.

Saturday May 23:

“Your great-grandfather bought one of the very first hybrid cars.”


“Because he wanted to conserve gasoline.”

What’s gasoline?”

[Bio] Tony Noland writes fiction and non-fiction in Philadelphia. Follow @TonyNoland on Twitter and at his writing blog:

Sunday May 24:

A fun done-in-one story that ropes in H.G. Wells, the Torchwood Institute and writer Lee’s fascination with past Doctors. Very nice art.

[#ShineComics] DOCTOR WHO: THE TIME MACHINATION \by Tony Lee (script) and Paul Grist (art); IDW, 2009, $3.99.