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DayBreak Magazine Reading at WFC

Borderlands Books Ripley

Hot off the press: Alan Beatts — Borderlands Books owner and this World Fantasy’s man in charge of the program — just confirmed that there is a slot available at the World Fantasy Convention for the DayBreak Magazine reading!

Friday night, October 31, in the Crystal Room, at 9 PM: DayBreak Magazine Reading!

Fairmont Hotel San Jose

Apart from your editor (who won’t be reading…;-), the following DayBreak authors will be there:

In the meantime, I will check if the fickle gods of Schiphol tax free have something interesting on offer to bring along…

The Week in Tweet, Week 30

Living in a world where you’re safe from reality, won’t you take a chance and follow @outshine…

Monday July 20:

[Quote for the Monday] “Peace of mind is not attained by ignoring problems, but by solving them.”

[Source] Raymond Hull (1919 – 1985) / Canadian playwright, screenwriter and lecturer.

Tuesday July 21:

Shoegaze revival – myth or fact? Once you’ve listened to this album of densely beautiful narcotised soundscapes, you won’t care either way.

[#SoundBytes] Three Fact Fader by Engineers –… / Kscope Records –

Wednesday July 22:

An accident, the combine ate the farmer’s arm. An invention, the pharm’s bio-lattice grew him another. Come harvest, the farmer gave thanks.

[Bio] William T. Vandemark chases storms, photographs weather vanes, and writes speculative fiction. http://www.williamtvandemar….

Thursday July 23:

Vampire priest bites abused wife—they kill abuser, wife goes batshit and bites damn near everybody. Almost as cool as Oldboy…and bloodier.

[#Spitballs] Thirst / Directed by Park Chan-wook /

Friday July 24:

[Quote for the Friday] “In the best comedy, there’s clearly something wrong, but it’s secret & understated—comedy is the public version of a private darkness.”

[Source, slightly shortened and paraphrased] Paul Theroux (1941 – ) / U.S. writer / My Secret History.

Saturday July 25:

The sun is bright

the air is free

the Martian men

don’t bother me.

The soil is red

the sky is wide

I’m proud to be

a Martian bride.

[Bio] Amanda Davis is a Pittsburgh engineer with a green thumb and a taste for horror movies. She blogs at .

Sunday July 26:

Every Legionnaire ever in a massive time-swept conflict that unfortunately centers on the silly Superboy-Prime. Noise & fury to no good end.

[#ShineComics] FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS #1-5 by Geoff Johns (story), George Perez (art); DC 2008-2009, #3.99 each.

Announcing DayBreak Magazine


With the Shine anthology—next year’s must-have collection of near-future, optimistic SF—now slated for an April 2010 release, and with exuberant SF as thin on the ground as bankers without bonuses, DayBreak Magazine will alleviate the waiting and fill the gap. Simultaneously quenching your thirst for upbeat stories while also whetting your appetite for the main uplifitng dish, DayBreak Magazine ( ; : you get 2 for the price of one, which is free) will feature a positive, forward-looking story every second Friday until the print Shine anthology is released, or possibly even a bit beyond that date.

The launch is on Friday October 16, on the eve of Diwali, with “The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram” by Jeff Soesbe. The second story will be released on Friday October 30, one the eve of Halloween: “Horrorhouse” by David D. Levine. More to be announced. A new story every two weeks: stories set all over the world, all depicting a future in which you would actually love to live. All for free, and all for your delectation.

Sunrise over Atlas Mountains

Please note that these online stories are different from the ones in the print Shine anthology: It’s just that I liked them so much I’ve decided—after negotiations with the authors—to put them online as a free showcase for upbeat science fiction.

Friday October 16: “The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram”:


It is Diwali in Bangalore, but not everyone is partying as Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram and his colleagues are working overtime to keep certain things from escalating:

  • There will be helicopters, wobbling!
  • There will be children, rebelling!
  • There will be elephants, marauding!
  • There will be monkeys, harassing!
  • There will be the third eye of Shiva, watching from the sky!
  • There will be song!
  • There will be dance!
  • There will be party!
  • There will be the ghost of Dev Kapoor Khan, the Indian Elvis!

Will Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram overcome the increasing madness around him, or will he become mad, himself? Confused? You won’t be, after reading “The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram”, an exuberant tale of a near-future India that puts most Bollywood pictures to shame!

Friday October 30: “Horrorhouse”:


Contrary to popular belief, things will get better in the future, as a change of lifestyle has developed. Not everything is completely rosy, though, as word spreads, like an electronic flash, about a horrorhouse that holds the next generation completely in thrall. Adults not allowed, and the young people who have visited the horrorhouse refuse to talk about it. Ethan Cole—the famed forerunner of the Twitter Revolution—is sent in to investigate…

UPDATE: I’ve added a poll!

UPDATE 2: DayBreak Magazine is getting some love, from SF Scope, Futurismic,, 42 Blips and SF Signal, amongst others. And some more love from Big Dumb Object and Charles A. Tan. Keep it coming!

The Week in Tweet, Week 29

In the distance

Always calling


It beckons play

Monday July 13:

[Quote for the Monday] “The Looking back is memory; the looking forward is creation.”

[Source] Elsa Barker (ca. 1869 — 1954) / American novelist and poet / Letters from a Living Dead Man.

Tuesday July 14:

Jagged proggy post-hardcore meets fragile folk-tinged indie somewhere in Glasgow. Looks awful on paper, sounds super on your stereo. Buy it.

[#SoundBytes] The Lamps of Terrahead by El Dog – / Lo-Five Records –

Wednesday July 15:

A woman grafts a miniature, nano-engineered breed of fruit trees to people’s skin. Orchards travel the world and seed onto garbage heaps.

[Bio] Alex Dally MacFarlane ( wants a cheek-tree. Find her work in LCRW, Electric Velocipede and, soon, Clarkesworld.

Thursday July 16:

Cute little Esther’s rotten with evil and does bad things to mommy and daddy. Sound familiar? By the artiste who directed House of Wax.

[#Spitballs] Orphan / Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra /

Friday July 17:

[Quote for the Friday] “It is hope that maintains most of mankind.”

[Source] Sophocles (496? – 406 BC) / Greek playwright / Fragments.

Saturday July 18:

For three months, my android’s gone to school for me, dated my girlfriend and done my chores. Nobody’s noticed. Now to make my sister’s.

[Bio] @ficklefiction is actually @fickledeity. Just your average Sri Lankan girl with dreams of changing the world for the better.

Sunday July 19:

The first part of Dick’s original novel, complete, threaded through comic illustrations – a storyboard for readers, though puzzling.

[#ShineComics] DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP #1 (of 24) by Philip K. Dick (novel), Tony Parker (art); BOOM!, 2009, $3.99 .