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Kindred Spirits, part 8

More news from World Fantasy hopefully soon (after I’ve caught up, and we had a great DayBreak Magazine reading), but first two news tidbits that fall under the ‘kindred spirits’ category:

This, together with the tireless Charles A. Tan winning one of the inaugural Last Drink Bird Head Awards (the one for International Activism), marks a movement towards more openness to non-Anglophone SF & fantasy (list of winners on Ecstatic Days, with an unexpected picture).


Last Monday I spoke with Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman about the Interstitial Arts Foundation and Interfictions 2 (among other things), and Ellen mentioned that they had made a concerted effort to include more international writers, which I welcome and applaud.

Apropos Charles A. Tan: he has interviewed me for the Apex Book of World SF, and the good people of SF Signal have put it up on their site. Check it out!

Apex Book of World SF

While you’re at it, also check out the interviews with Melanie Fazi, Aliette de Bodard, Guy Hasson, and more to come! And keep an eye of the World SF News Blog.

And buy a copy of the Apex Book of World SF , of course.

Also, to coincide with that release, Apex Magazine has a special World SF issue this November, guest-edited by Lavie Tidhar.

A torrent of world SF happenings this late October/early November. I hope it’s the beginning of a truly internationally-oriented SF community.

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