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The Week in Tweet, Week 32

Lovers in the tower: the moon and sun divided, @outshine smiles…

Monday August 3:

[Quote for the Monday] “Democracy is the superior form of government, because it is based on a respect for man as a reasonable being.”

[Source] John F. Kennedy (1917 — 1963) / 35th President of US (1961 — 1963) / Why England Slept.

Tuesday August 4:

A bottom-heavy zooo where songs w/o 6-string guitars convince as much as animal pictures instead of lyrics: dark, groovy, disturbing, gritty.

[#SoundBytes] Heavy Zooo by Beehoover / / Exile on Mainstream Records: http://www.mainstreamrecord… .

Wednesday August 5:

The moon rises, white and full. I stand by the red tomatoes on top of our home and wave. Mom promised to look down.

[Bio] Brenda is a futurist, writer, and tech geek from the Pacific Northwest in the USA.

Thursday August 6:

Paint faces on paper plates, sail them about, make explosive sounds—that’s better special FX than in this movie, and much more entertaining.

[#Spitballs] GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra / Directed by Stephen Sommers /….

Friday August 7:

[Quote for the Friday] “Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar, a good woman—or a bad woman; it depends how much happiness you can handle.”

[Source] George Burns (1896 – 1996) / U.S. comedian and actor / Interview on NBC television.

Saturday August 8:

Professor Jim Burns, retired head of immortalRwe, turned to his teary wife at his hospital bedside, “I should have spent more time at work.”

[Bio] @meika loofs samorzewski no longer writes for humans and lives in Tasmaniahttp://meika.loofs-samorzew… .

Sunday August 9:

At first glance another capes comic, then a cop thriller…and really a story of a superhero breaking under the onset of PTSD. Interesting.

[#ShineComics] ABSOLUTION #1 by Christos Gage (script) and Roberto Viacava (art); Avatar, 2009, $3.99.


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