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The Week in Tweet, Week 39

Blind windows, flat eyes
stitched tight into time
til @outshine rises unbound…

Monday September 21:

[Quote for the Monday] “Much of what we ascribe to human nature is no more than a reaction to the restraints put upon us by our civilization.”

[Source] Franz Boas (1858 – 1942) / German-born U.S. anthropologist.

Tuesday September 22:

Southern metal meets clenched-fist hardcore; like going thirteen rounds with the entire Samoan Olympic boxing team, only with more guitars.

[#SoundBytes] NEW JUNK AESTHETIC by Every Time I Die — / Epitaph Records —

Wednesday September 23:

They died, each species, one by one. Cats then owls; owls then ants. They died
But now look
They rise, each species, one by one. They rise.

[Bio] Penelope Friday – .

Thursday September 24:

A one-joke romcom that flirts with brilliance but never quite settles in, maybe because Ricky Gervais’s schtick has gotten a little stale.

[#Spitballs] The Invention of Lying / Directed by Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson /

Friday September 25:

[Quote for the Friday] “It is by losing himself in the objective, in inquiry, creation, and craft, that a man becomes something.”

[Source] Paul Goodman (1911 – 1972) / U.S. writer, teacher, and psychotherapist / The Community of Scholars.

Saturday September 26:

Sand crunches beneath their feet, and the sun warms their gray skin. They gawk at the pyramids. “Looks like someone was here first.”

[Bio] Aurelio Rico Lopez III hails from the Philippines. He is an avid fan of all things weird.

Sunday September 27:

A handsome prince and a magical quest are the basis of great humor and fun in this enjoyable English translation of a beloved French series.

[#ShineComics] THE LEGEND OF PERCEVAN, VOLUME 1 by Fauche, Léturgie, and Luguy; Fantasy Flight Games, 2009, $17.95 (hardcover).


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  Joe Chiappetta wrote @

Always like your coverage of tweets.

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