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SHINE sighted in the wild

As the launch date for SHINE is approaching (March 30 in the USA, April 16 in the UK), several copies (contributor’s, reviewer’s, promotional) are already making their way.

So in order to whet your appetite, here are a few sightings:



Obviously, as reviews appear I will link to them. Do feel free to point me to them (the good, the bad or the ugly).

Furthermore, as the release date comes closer, I will be posting an excerpt of each SHINE story here, every other day (I’ve already started doing it bi-weekly at DayBreak Magazine). More promotional actions are in the works: keep an eye out here and at DayBreak Magazine.

For those going to Odyssey (the 2010 EasterCon): all of you are cordially invited to the SHINE launch party at the Royal C+D on Saturday April 3, from 18.00 hrs. onwards. As a party organiser, I have a reputation to uphold, so do come by: I promise you won’t leave thirsty!

Also, via Jeff VanderMeer I see that John Klima is competing in the Pepsi ‘Good Idea’ competition with his “Other Worlds” project, an SF magazine showcasing underrepresented cultures.

VOTE for him here.

Right now, his idea ranks 234, and only the top ten get funding. So spread the word and vote!


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  Eva Maria Chapman wrote @

It is so exciting being part of Shine. I can’t wait for the launch at my first ever Sci Fi convention!

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