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The Week in Tweet, Week 40


maybe @outshine is elusive
but you know just what the truth is
and maybe @outshine’s intrusive
but you know you’ve got to do it!

Monday September 28:

[Quote for the Monday] “Man is not merely the sum of his masks. Behind the shifting face of personality is a hard nugget of self, a genetic gift.”

[Source] Camille Paglia (1947 – ) / U.S. academic and author / Sex, Art, and American Culture.

Tuesday September 29:

Cutting-edge shitgaze retro-noise-pop or smug and cynical hipster-trend cash-in? Jury’s still out, though some of the tunes are pretty good.

[#SoundBytes] EVERYTHING GOES WRONG by Vivian Girls — / In The Red Records —

Wednesday September 30:

People-faces are scary, but eKitty is simple, safe. Joe pets it and giggles. Stroking him back via the remote, his mother meows with joy.

[Bio] Finale believes happiness is a choice.

Thursday October 1:

By-the-numbers filmmaking and scripting, a bored-looking Bruce Willis—like seeing an awful movie about Second Life in a Second Life theater.

[#Spitballs] Surrogates / Directed by Jonathan Mostow /

Friday October 2:

[Quote for the Friday] “We are never so happy nor so unhappy as we imagine.”

[Source] François La Rochefoucauld (1613 – 1680) / French epigrammatist and moralist / Reflections, or Sentences and Moral Maxims.

Saturday October 3:

It’s 2034: Brian’s nanocure, immortality, and ecosystem resurrection stories keep getting rejected from Asimov’s for lacking SFnal elements.

[Bio] Jen Waverly wants an ecosystem resurrector, and posts about pub trivia, marriage rights, and books here

Sunday October 4:

An engrossing start to a thriller that plays on themes of conservation, need, and greed when Park Rangers stumble on an active conspiracy.

[#ShineComics] UNDERGROUND #1 (of 5) by Jeff Parker (script), Steve Lieber (art), Ron Chan (colors); Image, 2009, $3.50.


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