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The Week in Tweet, Week 42

[Lyrics quote] @outshine

Monday October 12:

[Quote for the Monday] “Invention is the process by which a new idea is discovered or created. In contrast, innovation occurs when that new idea is adopted.”

[Source] Attributed to Everett Rogers (1931 – ) / U.S. sociologist.

Tuesday October 13:

It’s like someone cloned Page Hamilton — furious angular alt-metal-hardcore that drips with contempt for its fellow man. Angrily excellent.

[#SoundBytes] PIG CHARMER by Throttlerod – / Small Stone Records – .

Wednesday October 14:

Optimized and burned clean,
our nightmares you learn.
Holograms able to love
are your successors.

~The Cosmist Worm.

[Bio] James Dye — @JamesJDye — is a writer and college student from Dubuque Iowa.

Thursday October 15:

A Halloween treat, this homage to 80s horror cinema—Satanists, spooky houses, pretty girls—is played straight to excellent creepy effect.

[#Spitballs] House of the Devil / Directed by Ti West /

Friday October 16:

[Quote for the Friday] “That action is best, which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers.”

[Source] Francis Hutcheson (1694 – 1746) / Irish-born English philosopher / Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue.

Saturday October 17:

Engine’s protesting, sir. Says it wants a pony. Shall I tell the passengers to wait, or…?

[Bio] Carolyn Elizabeth Lamb can fold into a portable cube, for your convenience.

Sunday October 18:

IDW gives Bloom County a gorgeous deluxe treatment in a book that includes strips not seen since their original appearances. A must-have.

[#ShineComics] BLOOM COUNTY COMPLETE LIBRARY VOLUME 1 by Berkeley Breathed; IDW, 2009, $39.95 (hardcover).

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