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Archive for April 13, 2010

SHINE sighted in the Wild, part 2

More SHINE sightings in the wilds of the wide world and teh intarwebs:

At Suvudu by Matt Staggs: ‘Does the Future Shine? Or Is It Wasted?‘;

Dylan Fox had initial misgivings, but changed his mind, see his post ‘Many Little Green Shoots‘;

Short mention at Futurismic, where Paul Graham Raven notes that the tireless Charles A. Tan has interviewed all the SHINE authors, hence:

SF Signal interviews by Charles A. Tan (in alphabetical order by author’s last name: I’ll update it with links when the interviews go live):

At Coilhouse Magazine, in an article called ‘All Tomorrows Sovereign Bleak‘, David Forbes mentions SHINE as an antidote against the predominant bleakness of the (current) Sci-Fi landscape. To quote:

In 1967, sci-fi needed a designated anthology to finally be dangerous, edgy and bleak. As I write this, the SHINE anthology (which you should buy), has hit the stores. It is designated specifically for optimistic sci-fi.

Compare to the remark I made at John Scalzi’s “The Big Idea” feature:

And I find it highly ironic that the first ‘dangerous visions’ of the 21st Century—that is, fiction going against the current grain—are upbeat stories.

Slightly related: SF Signal finds out via io9 that h+ magazine had an article on ‘5 positive science fiction novels to enjoy while waiting for the singularity‘ (written by Jason stoddard), which was in the free Spring 2009 issue over a year ago. But hey, the more news about upbeat SF, the better…;-).

On a personal note, I was happy to see SHINE available in the American Book Center in The Hague.

John Lampard at Disassociated mentions ‘A More Positive and Realistic Science Fiction Future‘;

As an aside (which is topical, read further), I’m shamelessly supporting Patrick Farley’s Electric Sheep (via BoingBoing), even though I don’t know it yet: purely on the basis of the awesomeness of Don’t Look Back (a Dicebox Aside comic).

Pledge Your Allegiance (Suicidal! Suicidal! Suicidal!)…;-)