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The Week in Tweet, Week 47

But when the climate changed
They tried their best to stay
But @outshine blew them all away…

Monday November 16:

[Quote for the Monday] “Democracy is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike.”

[Source] Plato (428? BC – 347? BC) / Greek philosopher.

Tuesday November 17:

Like a street-theatre play by a busload of post-hardcore kids and your uncle’s classic prog rock records. Music to smile (or maybe gurn) to.

[#SoundBytes] THE MYTH ABOUT REAL LIFE (EP) by Aficionado — (self-released).

Wednesday November 18:

Avatar children gliding like thistle in the electron sky. A garden replenished by their light hands.

[Bio] Deborah Walker thinks: least said, soonest mended.

Thursday November 19:

Lots of walking, more walking, unrelieved trudgery. Makes two hours feel as dreary as a weekend in post-apocalyptic Preoria, then it ends.

[#Spitballs] The Road / Directed by John Hillcoat /

Friday November 20:

[Quote for the Friday] “Human nature won’t flourish, any more than a potato, if planted and replanted, for too many generations, in the same worn-out soil.”

[Source, paraphrased] Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 – 1864) / U.S. novelist & short-story writer / The Scarlet Letter, “The Custom House”.

Saturday November 21:

News from CERN: smallest subatomic particles found, massless, information only. + & –: binary code. Neat. I yawned, returned to my Sims game.

[Bio] William Clunie can be read at

Sunday November 22:

Novelist Huston’s attempt to reboot the rebel military cyborg returns to the future, but recasts it as a labored satire of corporate media.

[#ShineComics] DEATHLOK THE DEMOLISHER #1 (of 7) by Charlie Huston (script), Lan Medina (art); Marvel Knights, 2009, $3.99.

The Week in Tweet, Week 46

Stand inside the temple as @outshine is opening
The priestess stands before you, offering her handout, rising…

Monday November 9:

[Quote for the Monday] “Democracy is the superior form of government, because it is based on a respect for man as a reasonable being.”

[Source] John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 – 1963) / U.S. president / Why England Slept.

Tuesday November 10:

All the dumb excessive clichés of dope ‘n’ devil-worshippin’ thrash metal laid end to end without any dull bits in between. Simply glorious.

[#SoundBytes] ACCELERATED LIVING by Saviours — / Kemado Records –

Wednesday November 11:

She wakes to the gentle vibration of the roof changing angle to catch the sun, to the smell of hands-free cappuccino, to a doable Monday.

[Bio] Ben White edits @nanoism and writes @midnightstories.

Thursday November 12:

The James Michener of disaster flicks does a predictably banal apocalypse with an Arks-worth of characters and a cute dog.

[#Spitballs] 2012 / Directed by Roland Emmerich /

Friday November 13:

[Quote for the Friday] “I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.”

[Source] Mata Hari (1876 – 1917) / Dutch spy and dancer.

Saturday November 14:

I’d never felt so close to a pet, never felt the need to boast about a pet, and I’m not even fully dilated yet… can you see her head?

[Bio] Engineerish writer lost near Austin.

Sunday November 15:

Set a few years in the future, this inconsequential miniseries tosses aside Grant Morrison’s work with the character in favour of…nothing.

[#ShineComics] THE LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #1-#6 by Gerry Conway (script), Chris Batista (art); DC, 2009, $2.99 each.

The Week in Tweet, Week 45

Inside of me, is a man that I knew
Who could rattle these chains — who could shake these cages
Inside of you, is a dream that I see
And the echoes of @outshine are calling…

Monday November 2:

[Quote for the Monday] “If necessity is the mother of invention, then resourcefulness is the father.”

[Source] Beulah Louise Henry / U.S. inventor / Feminine Ingenuity (Anne L. MacDonald).

Tuesday November 3:

Third album from this Motor City two/three piece pushes post-metal to new limits of subtlety, depth and scale. Listen with the lights off.

[#SoundBytes] GENEVA by Russian Circles – / Suicide Squeeze Records –

Wednesday November 4:

The immigrants come, weary, uncertain of their welcome
people make room for them
the immigrants’ culture infuses their own with new spice.

[Bio] Daniel Ausema’s a stay-at-home dad whose stories and poems have appeared in many places. Find him at

Thursday November 5:

Absolute truth or BS, you’ve got to wonder what kind of bet Milly Jovovich lost that made her accept the lead role in this godawful mess.

[#Spitballs] The Fourth Kind / Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi /

Friday November 6:

[Quote for the Friday] “A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.”

[Source] Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918 – 2008) / Russian novelist / Cancer Ward.

Saturday November 7:

It was spring and his basement was drying up. Last night, just two feet of water on the floor. A man can’t even stay wet in his own home…

[Bio] Marlo Dianne is a writer/artist of more than fifty published works. This wondergeek is found @

Sunday November 8:

Fast, violent, and blessed with a great voice cast, this is still a rather rote SF take on movies about corrupt cops and the plucky rookie.

[#ShineComics Extra] GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT by Alan Burnett (script), Lauren Montgomery (dir.); Warner Premiere, 2009, $19.98/$24.98.

The Week in Tweet, Week 44

@outshine slowly rises in the night
The people softly lit by restless moonlight
And as the jackal preys upon the Netherworld
You can hear as she surprises and sings … RISE!

Monday October 26:

[Quote for the Monday] “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”

[Source] Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) / British naturalist and writer.

Tuesday October 27:

Desert rock’s most reliable practitioners show no signs of weathering away. Fuzzy riffs, sleazy solos, weird lyrics – what more d’you want?

[#SoundBytes] SIGNS OF INFINITE POWER by Fu Manchu – / Century Media –

Wednesday October 28:

dry earth holds wee tracks
lightly they imprint the earth
quail, raccoon, skunk, thrush

[Bio] Jodi: I don’t know who she is except lost in her thoughts and found in her writing.

Thursday October 29:

With its lovely camera work, misogyny, pretension and gruesome torture, this may be the first real horror film. But who wants to watch it?

[#Spitballs] Antichrist / Directed by Lars von Trier /

Friday October 30:

[Quote for the Friday] “Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination.”

[Source] Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804) / German philosopher / Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Ethics.

Saturday October 31:

The climbing guide could tell Harper’s arm was flagging. The whisper at camp was: could he pull it off and grow a good one by morning?

[Bio] @jeremylewit enjoys the conceit that his focus problem is early-onset time travel.

Sunday November 1:

David ties up the long-running story with as much tell as show, and a disappointing resolution for mysterious, fascinating Layla Miller.

[#ShineComics] X-FACTOR #50 by Peter David (script) and Valentine De Landro (art); Marvel, 2009, $3.99.

The Week in Tweet, Week 43

[Lyrics quote] @outshine

Monday October 19:

[Quote for the Monday] “Since my release, I have become more convinced than ever that the real makers of history are the ordinary men and women of our country; their participation in every decision about the future is the only guarantee of true democracy and freedom.”

[Source] Nelson Mandela (1918 – ) / South African president and lawyer / The Struggle is My Life.

Tuesday October 20:

Hard rock funsters, still very Spinal Jap; but this crowd-funded new album has a more modern tone and (slightly) more serious demeanour.

[#SoundBytes] SUGOI INDEED by Electric Eel Shock — / Double Peace Records (self-funded) —

Wednesday October 21:

Trillions of nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, each pairing off with a brain cell. They perform a truly modern dancescience.

[Bio] @MattAlbertson is a Seattle geek who enjoys splicing his fiction with cutting edge technology.

Thursday October 22:

Cameron Diaz delivers the worst Southern accent evuh in a dull, badly edited film that offers more evidence that Donnie Darko was a fluke.

[#Spitballs] The Box / Directed by Richard Kelly /

Friday October 23:

[Quote for the Friday, slightly paraphrased] “Instead of dirt & poison we’ve chosen to fill our hives w\honey & wax—thus furnishing mankind w\the two noblest of things: sweetness & light.”

[Source] Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745) / Anglo-Irish writer and clergyman / The Battle of the Books.

Saturday October 24:

It’s a strange week when you’re thinking, ‘trenchcoats or atomic insects? Wait, is that trenchcoats ON atomic insects?’ I love my job.

[Bio] Marlo Dianne is a writer/artist of more than fifty published works. This wondergeek is found @

Sunday October 25:

Fast, violent, and blessed with a great voice cast, this is still a rather rote SF take on movies about corrupt cops and the plucky rookie.

[#ShineComics Extra] GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT by Alan Burnett (script), Lauren Montgomery (dir.); Warner Premiere, 2009, $19.98/$24.98 ..

The Week in Tweet, Week 42

[Lyrics quote] @outshine

Monday October 12:

[Quote for the Monday] “Invention is the process by which a new idea is discovered or created. In contrast, innovation occurs when that new idea is adopted.”

[Source] Attributed to Everett Rogers (1931 – ) / U.S. sociologist.

Tuesday October 13:

It’s like someone cloned Page Hamilton — furious angular alt-metal-hardcore that drips with contempt for its fellow man. Angrily excellent.

[#SoundBytes] PIG CHARMER by Throttlerod – / Small Stone Records – .

Wednesday October 14:

Optimized and burned clean,
our nightmares you learn.
Holograms able to love
are your successors.

~The Cosmist Worm.

[Bio] James Dye — @JamesJDye — is a writer and college student from Dubuque Iowa.

Thursday October 15:

A Halloween treat, this homage to 80s horror cinema—Satanists, spooky houses, pretty girls—is played straight to excellent creepy effect.

[#Spitballs] House of the Devil / Directed by Ti West /

Friday October 16:

[Quote for the Friday] “That action is best, which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers.”

[Source] Francis Hutcheson (1694 – 1746) / Irish-born English philosopher / Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue.

Saturday October 17:

Engine’s protesting, sir. Says it wants a pony. Shall I tell the passengers to wait, or…?

[Bio] Carolyn Elizabeth Lamb can fold into a portable cube, for your convenience.

Sunday October 18:

IDW gives Bloom County a gorgeous deluxe treatment in a book that includes strips not seen since their original appearances. A must-have.

[#ShineComics] BLOOM COUNTY COMPLETE LIBRARY VOLUME 1 by Berkeley Breathed; IDW, 2009, $39.95 (hardcover).

The Week in Tweet, Week 41

@outshine’s already gone, already been

we’re free, so free

to secede…

Monday October 5:

[Quote for the Monday] “Wars come because not enough people are sufficiently afraid.”

[Source] Hugh Joseph Schonfield (1901 – 1988) / British writer and editor / News Review (London).

Tuesday October 6:

Goth-metal stalwarts complete their slow return from the synth-rock hinterlands. Muscular, epic, gloomy… and surprisingly contemporary.

[#SoundBytes] Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us by Paradise Lost— / Century Media—

Wednesday October 7:

No money, no problem. Without scarcity, need is a pipe dream; we work because we want to. My music, your novel—only fodder for dreams.

[Bio] Ben White — — is the editor of @nanoismand writer of @midnightstories. He needs a few more hours of moonlight.

Thursday October 8:

A little preachy, but the film gives that ol’ time religion a few brand new twists, and James Gandolfini gives great voice. Take the kids.

[#Spitballs] Where the Wild Things Are / Directed by Spike Jonze /

Friday October 9:

[Quote for the Friday] “The hell with it. Who never knew the price of happiness will not be happy.”

[Source] Yevgeny Yevtushenko (1933 –  ) / Russian poet / Babi Yar.

Saturday October 10:

The Martians were beat by germs
They left the world on talking terms
A Christmas card from Leader Zirth?
At least it didn’t cost the Earth!

[Bio] I’m 40, married and live in Plymouth, England. Writing is my main hobby. Quite a number of my poems/stories have been published.

Sunday October 11:

Based on a clunker comics story, this animated adaptation injects raucous humor and a breakneck pace to deliver rollicking entertainment.

[#ShineComics Extra] SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES, script: Stan Berkowitz, dir. Sam Liu, Warner Premiere, 2009, $19.98/$24.98.

The Week in Tweet, Week 40


maybe @outshine is elusive
but you know just what the truth is
and maybe @outshine’s intrusive
but you know you’ve got to do it!

Monday September 28:

[Quote for the Monday] “Man is not merely the sum of his masks. Behind the shifting face of personality is a hard nugget of self, a genetic gift.”

[Source] Camille Paglia (1947 – ) / U.S. academic and author / Sex, Art, and American Culture.

Tuesday September 29:

Cutting-edge shitgaze retro-noise-pop or smug and cynical hipster-trend cash-in? Jury’s still out, though some of the tunes are pretty good.

[#SoundBytes] EVERYTHING GOES WRONG by Vivian Girls — / In The Red Records —

Wednesday September 30:

People-faces are scary, but eKitty is simple, safe. Joe pets it and giggles. Stroking him back via the remote, his mother meows with joy.

[Bio] Finale believes happiness is a choice.

Thursday October 1:

By-the-numbers filmmaking and scripting, a bored-looking Bruce Willis—like seeing an awful movie about Second Life in a Second Life theater.

[#Spitballs] Surrogates / Directed by Jonathan Mostow /

Friday October 2:

[Quote for the Friday] “We are never so happy nor so unhappy as we imagine.”

[Source] François La Rochefoucauld (1613 – 1680) / French epigrammatist and moralist / Reflections, or Sentences and Moral Maxims.

Saturday October 3:

It’s 2034: Brian’s nanocure, immortality, and ecosystem resurrection stories keep getting rejected from Asimov’s for lacking SFnal elements.

[Bio] Jen Waverly wants an ecosystem resurrector, and posts about pub trivia, marriage rights, and books here

Sunday October 4:

An engrossing start to a thriller that plays on themes of conservation, need, and greed when Park Rangers stumble on an active conspiracy.

[#ShineComics] UNDERGROUND #1 (of 5) by Jeff Parker (script), Steve Lieber (art), Ron Chan (colors); Image, 2009, $3.50.


The Week in Tweet, Week 39

Blind windows, flat eyes
stitched tight into time
til @outshine rises unbound…

Monday September 21:

[Quote for the Monday] “Much of what we ascribe to human nature is no more than a reaction to the restraints put upon us by our civilization.”

[Source] Franz Boas (1858 – 1942) / German-born U.S. anthropologist.

Tuesday September 22:

Southern metal meets clenched-fist hardcore; like going thirteen rounds with the entire Samoan Olympic boxing team, only with more guitars.

[#SoundBytes] NEW JUNK AESTHETIC by Every Time I Die — / Epitaph Records —

Wednesday September 23:

They died, each species, one by one. Cats then owls; owls then ants. They died
But now look
They rise, each species, one by one. They rise.

[Bio] Penelope Friday – .

Thursday September 24:

A one-joke romcom that flirts with brilliance but never quite settles in, maybe because Ricky Gervais’s schtick has gotten a little stale.

[#Spitballs] The Invention of Lying / Directed by Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson /

Friday September 25:

[Quote for the Friday] “It is by losing himself in the objective, in inquiry, creation, and craft, that a man becomes something.”

[Source] Paul Goodman (1911 – 1972) / U.S. writer, teacher, and psychotherapist / The Community of Scholars.

Saturday September 26:

Sand crunches beneath their feet, and the sun warms their gray skin. They gawk at the pyramids. “Looks like someone was here first.”

[Bio] Aurelio Rico Lopez III hails from the Philippines. He is an avid fan of all things weird.

Sunday September 27:

A handsome prince and a magical quest are the basis of great humor and fun in this enjoyable English translation of a beloved French series.

[#ShineComics] THE LEGEND OF PERCEVAN, VOLUME 1 by Fauche, Léturgie, and Luguy; Fantasy Flight Games, 2009, $17.95 (hardcover).

The Week in Tweet, Week 38

Sprawling on the fringes of the city

in geometric order

@outshine’s insulated border

in between the bright lights and the far unlit unknown

Monday September 14:

[Quote for the Monday] “Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead.”

[Source] Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963) / British novelist and essayist / Do What you Will, “Wordsworth in the Tropics”.

Tuesday September 15:

One part metal, one part big-band swing showtunes, one part Eastern European circus sideshow. More substance than the average gimmick album.

[#SoundBytes] SING ALONG SONGS FOR THE DAMNED & DELIRIOUS by Diablo Swing Orchestra — /Ascendance Records —

Wednesday September 16:

black sea and sky.
ships: sailing white, leave the flood plain.
safest harbor: needing none.
clustering lights, another long dusk.

[Bio] Andy Kelly @a_m_kelly lives in a room full of books, mostly unread.

Thursday September 17:

Two astronauts wake to find their cargo, 60 thousand human beings, transformed into messed-up versions of Peter Dinklage. Now that’s scary!

[#Spitballs] Pandorum / Directed by Christian Alvart /

Friday September 18:

[Quote for the Friday] “Men cannot live without seeking to describe and explain the universe to themselves.”

[Source] Isaiah Berlin (1909 – 1997) / Latvian-born British philosopher and historian of ideas / Concepts and Categories.

Saturday September 19:

Definition of futility: chasing ruby-goldfish that burst out of a waterfall, sail across the greenhouse, enter another. Damn microgravity.

[Bio] Paula R. Stiles, at:, has sold SF, fantasy and horror stories to Strange Horizons, Jim Baen’s, Futures and others.

Sunday September 20:

I like Van Lente’s writing, but this? Peter Parker has blackout drunk sex with his drunk roomie? Rape played for laughs? And why the racism?

[#ShineComics] AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #601-604 by Fred Van Lente (script), Barry Kitson (art); Marvel, 2009, $2.99 each.