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A Quick Note

A quick note to say that I am indeed back from China (where I couldn’t access Twitter, Facebook and the Shine blog), and that I am reading Shine submissions like crazy.

Also, I will read anything that comes in over the weekend (Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2). I’ll have to draw my final line in the sand at Monday August 3: then I have to pack for Anticipation (Montréal SF WorldCon), to which I’ll fly on Tuesday August 4.

Schedule for that will be posted here tomorrow (it’s after midnight again, and the day job calls early in the morning).

So I’ll repeat that anything that hits my gmail inbox over the weekend (say, until Monday noon my time) will be OK. Anything after that will get a friendly form reject. And I’ll read the deadline crush entries probably on my trip to Montréal.

Keep writing, and send me those stories!

Extension of SHINE submission deadline

After receiving a great amount of pledges and requests, I have decided to extend the deadline for submitting stories to SHINE to August 1.

The guidelines have been adjusted accordingly.

Looking forward to the (hopefully) great stories coming in!