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An anthology of optimistic, near future SF

Optimistic SF Open Platform

Welcome to the SHINE anthology website.

This site is intended to function as an open platform for optimistic SF. Hereby I invite everyone to post ideas, arguments, comments and links on this topic.

Optimistic SF is like the future: a work in progress.

Guidelines for the SHINE anthology can be found in the sidebar under the “GUIDELINES” category.

There will be semi-regular posts about topics that touch optimism, near-future and SF. Those will, hopefully, prime your imagination.


  David Brin wrote @

Hi. David Brin here. This project is terrific! As a fellow known for being generally optimistic, I’ve long inveighed against the reflex — across Hollywood and publishing — of taking the cheap approach to storytelling. The noxious habit of assuming the worst about humanity and civilization.

One criticism: I find it hard, looking at the site, to see who I should write to, separately, about specific questions. So could the editor(s) please write to me at ?

Thanks and good luck in this terrific endeavor.

With cordial regards,

David Brin

  shineanthology wrote @


Thanks for the heads-up!

Sorry about not displaying my email address more prominently: since it is in both the Shine and @outshine guidelines I assume, but all too easily, that everyone will find it there.

So I’ve updated the site, displaying my email more prominently.

  Eva Maria Chapman wrote @

So nice to know there are cheery optimistic SF writers out there. We can create an amazing future together.

  Things are looking up « wrote @

[…] ‘optimistic SF’ stories from around the world and they’ve even started anoptimistic SF open forum. File this one under ‘optimism’. Shine   « ‘Wives’ on […]

  Keith Stevenson wrote @

Great to hear about this new venture. I too am fed up with the appropriation of what used to be an essentially hopeful genre – the fact that humanity survived in the future was reason enough to be optimistic. Over at coeur de lion publishing we’re engaged in a similar project with our forthcoming Anywhere But Earth anthology. Good luck with the forum and Shine.

  shineanthology wrote @

Thanks for the thumbs-up, Keith!

I will be in Melborne for AussieCon IV, so maybe we can have a few drinks.

Best of luck with Coeur de Lion Publishing: if Anywhere But Earth is published at that time, I intend to buy a copy.

  Keith Stevenson wrote @

Thanks! I’ll be at Aussiecon. In the dealer’s room. ABE won’t be out till 2011, but I’m sure I can sell you something 🙂

  Terrie Leigh Relf wrote @

I just found this beacon at Sozar to you! I plan to read–and submit–regularly.

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