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OUTSHINE submission guidelines


NOTE: @outshine is open to submissions, and actually in dire need of them. So send them in!

A Twitterzine for optimistic, near future prose poems. They’re flash length, and look ahead: why not call them flashforwards?

poetic_elements_1Submission guidelines:

What I’m looking for: prose poems of optimistic, near future SF that fit within the ‘tweet’ limits (check out Twitter); i.e. maximum 140 characters long.

  • prose poem: what the heck is that? Well, anything you think it is. Write what you believe fits the bill and let the editor sort it out. Don’t limit yourself and feel free to push the boundaries, like, e.g.:
  1. Haiku–written like this: Maybe a haiku/there in the twitterverse/would appear like this;
  2. Prose rife with poetic elements both formal — such as rhyme, alliteration (which is easy to overdo!) and meter — and thematic such as syntax, tone and reference (images, symbols & metaphors);
  3. Imbue it with a certain rhythm and a unique voice;
  4. I’ll look at actual poetry, too (the boundary will be blurry, anyway);
  • optimistic: anything with an (eventual) positive attitude or upbeat tone;
  • near future: from next year up to about fifty years later;
  • SF: ditto as in prose poem: write what you believe fits the bill and let the editor sort it out;

haikuOne submission per person per week: I’ll be publishing one prose poem per week, and will be checking the submissions once a week. Don’t feel limited: this means you can submit up to 52 prose poems a year. I prefer people submitting their best rather than people submitting at will then hoping something will stick.

Submit by email to , in the body of the email (and yes: anything longer than 140 characters will be rejected: this is, after all, for Twitter);

Payment: 5 dollars per prose poem, payable through PayPal (don’t have a PayPal account? Either get one, or don’t submit), on publication.

Accepted prose poems will be published once a week on Wednesday on Twitter, here: OUTSHINE!

Bio: a published biography with author name will follow the published prose poem almost immediately. Bio must be shorter than 136 characters (as bio- will precede the actual biography). Hint: use a tinyurl to link to your website/blog/LJ or to your FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter account. [Edit]: as Gord Sellar mentioned in the first comment below, is an ever shorter url compressor.

UPDATE: Due to a number of humourous submissions I liked, I am making Saturday the day for funny pieces. Tentatively: that is, if I get *enough* humourous pieces then they will appear every Saturday; if I don’t get enough I prefer to *not* to publish rather than desperately clinging to schedule. Obviously, the Wednesday prose poems are a schedule I *do* intend to keep.

UPDATE 2: I have received a question about the rights @outshine is asking. Well, so far, none: I accepted tweets from submitters, published them on Twitter, and republished them on both the Shine and DayBreak Magazine websites. Otherwise, submitters are — as far as I’m concerned — free to republish their tweets (OK: ‘prose poems’) anywhere, anytime, and the rights revert to them rightaway. Why? Well, the moment someone likes a particular message on Twitter, it is ‘retweeted’ — a tweet starting with ‘RT @ XXX’, where XXX is the source. It is *the* common practice on Twitter, and as a Twitterzine publisher I can either state that people are not allowed to retweet @outshine’s prose poems — which obviously won’t work and is also counterproductive — or just let Twitter be Twitter.

Therefore I never asked for rights, or sent out an actual contract. Sorry about that, but even as the highest paying Twitter market — to the best of my knowledge, and do absolutely feel free to point me to a market that pays more than $5 a tweet: I’d be tempted to submit, myself — I simply don’t feel the need to put up a contract, define rights, and go through all the paperwork: even $5 a tweet isn’t worth my time on that.

But after almost a year I did get the question, so here’s my answer: I want *exclusive* Twitter rights for 6 weeks — hey, gotta drive a hard bargain — or the first retweet, whichever comes first (obviously, if you retweet your own submission, you’ve just liberated your own tweet, congratulations: it never happened before…;-). Otherwise, I want the *non-exclusive* rights to reprint your tweet at both the Shine website and the DayBreak Magazine website — things I’ve been doing for over six months already, sorry about that, but I just assume you want your pieces to be read as widely as possible, and assuming the average word is 6 characters, then including spaces [which Twitter does], I’m paying about 25 cents a word, which is in line with the top paying online markets like and Subterranean Press. Only difference is that I am open to unsollicited submissions…;-).


On Mondays there will be the “Quote for the Monday” (QftM): this one will be the more serious, inspirational one;

On Tuesday there will be [#SoundBytes]: Paul Graham Raven’s music review tweets;

On Thrusday there will be [#SpitBalls]: Lucius Shephard’s movie review tweets;

On Fridays there will be the “Quote for the Friday” (QftF): this will be the more frivolous one;

On Sundays there will be [ShineComics]: David Alexander McDonald’s comics review tweets.


  gordsellar wrote @

Or you could use an even tinier URL shortener!

  Nathan E. Lilly wrote @

Very cool.

If you’d like to talk about the challenges of publishing a microfiction e-zine, please get in touch with me.

  The Grapevine, part 6 « Shineanthology’s Weblog wrote @

[…] Gord Sellar has noticed Outshine (and Thaumatrope, who were first, see also Nathan Lilly’s comment on the Outshine guidelines); […]

  shineanthology wrote @


Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the offer! Thaumatrope certainly inspired me. Quite busy now, but I might get back to you over the weekend.

(And funny how WordPress lets me pingback to myself. Next: infinite regression…sion…ion…on…n…)

  Nathan E. Lilly wrote @

I’ve just announced @Outshine on @thaumatrope


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[…] may have to put something together for his Shine anthology, too, […]

  Linda A. Binkley wrote @

I am a 65 year old Great-grandmother going on 30 that is trying to learn something new. Help me.

  Robert Laughlin wrote @

From Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, submissions will be taken for the 3rd Annual Micro Award. The Micro Award is a competition for fiction not over 1000 words, published in 2009. Editors may submit two stories and anyone else may submit one. This year, self-published stories are eligible and the prize for the winning story is $100. Rules and submission information are posted at the Micro Award Official Website,

Robert Laughlin, Micro Award Administrator

  MichaellaS wrote @

tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by auslande: Twitterzine Outshine seeking optomistic, near-future poetry. Pays $5.

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  Alan Presley wrote @

Submissions for the 4th Annual Micro Award will be accepted from Oct 1st – Dec 31st, 2010. The Micro Award is an award for fiction not exceeding 1000 words, originally published in 2010. Editors may submit two stories and writers may submit one. The winner of the $500 prize and all other finalists will be announced on Feb 17, 2011. The official rules and submission guidelines can be found on our website:

  Alan Presley wrote @

The 5th Annual Micro Award will be open for submissions Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2011. The Micro Award is presented annually for flash fiction not exceeding 1000 words. Stories of all genres published originally in 2011 are eligible. Editors may submit two stories; writers may submit one. The winner of the $500 prize and all other finalists will be announced on Feb 29, 2012. Visit our website for official rules and submission guidelines:

Alan Presley

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